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Five Ways To Keep Employees Engaged On A Hot Summers Day

With beautiful surrounding scenery, spacious and well-equipped conference rooms, the Webbington Hotel & Spa offers a variety of meeting rooms in Somerset’s rural countryside.

Sadly… The last place you want to be on a glorious summers day, is in a meeting. Am I right, or am I right? Even with our marvellous meeting facilities and beautiful location, minds will wander and employees will wish they were outside, making the most of the Summer sun.

To help you keep employees engaged on a hot summers day, we have created the ‘Ultimate Meeting Survival Guide: The Summer Edition.

Try following these five simple steps to make the most out of your meeting…

ONE: Positive Thinking

Positivity is key. Realign yourself to ensure you’re in the right mind-set before you enter the meeting room. Psych yourself up for a successful meeting and encourage your employees to embrace the objectives of the meeting. Embrace and value your employees’ opinions and bounce off one another to create innovative thoughts and ideas. Work collectively to achieve the best results and feel inspired by one another.

TWO: Get Creative

Don’t bore the brains off employees with too much talking. Mix it up a little by add in some group activities to make the meeting more informal and to add an element of tangibility to the outcomes. Incorporating games or team working is a fun and interactive way to engage employees on a hot summers day and will get the creative juices flowing! You could even take the games outside, so you can make the most of the summer sun whilst working on your meeting objectives through group activities.

THREE: Hydration

A major culprit for a lack of concentration is dehydration. If your brain and body are not hydrated, you will feel drowsy and unenthusiastic which won’t be helpful for anyone. Be sure to take regular sips of water during your meeting to stay engaged and energised, and encourage your employees to do the same. You’d be surprised at how effective this can be, it may even stem some seriously good ideas to the meeting.

FOUR: Food for thought 

Feed your brain(s)! Don’t let rumbling stomachs distract employees from the meeting. Our meeting rooms in Somerset offers a buffet lunch, afternoon tea and cake, or whatever takes your fancy. Keep the energy levels up on a hot summers day with refreshing and delicious food to feed the brain and satisfy the appetite.

FIVE: Breath Of Fresh Air

Are shoulders slumping and employees gazing out at the summery countryside views? Step outside and breathe in the countryside air. Take a little stroll around the hotel grounds to wake the brain up and to keep employees fully engaged on a hot summers day. This can often be quite a nice way of carrying out informal one to ones in private.

There we have it, no more excuses for monotonous meetings. When you host your meeting at Webbington Hotel and Spa this summer, we don’t want to see any day dreaming employees or uninspired faces!

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